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WIKI   HELP  DOC  VIDEO EDIFACT and ANSI X12 are 2 formats which support EDI. SAP has to use EDI subsystems (third-party tools like Tibco, Macerator…) to translate IDocs into EDI compliant messages. There are no examples how to configure EDI subsystems in SAP, what EDIFACT or ANSI X12 looks like..   Parlor XML document is…



WIKI   HELP  DOC  VIDEO IDOC is a framework tool to communicate in a native SAP language, means  send and receive context to other SAP systems “ALE”.  Note: if you want to talk legacy systems jump to the EDI section. Easily to code, test and process and get things done, I don’t know but its been…


General   XI 3_0 New Mapping Features XI___View Integrating XI with EDI — Webinar Presentation XI___SAP NetWeaver in the Real World Part III SAP Exchange Infrastructure XI___Beginer_SAP Exchange Infrastructure – Process-Centric Collaboration XI and Web Services   eBook   XI__eBook-BeginnersGuideforSAPXIPart2 XI__eBook-BeginnersGuideforSAPXIPart1     Intermediate   XI___Intermediate_Utilize SAP Adapters to Connect to Heterogeneous Systems – Second…